Construction and Development Services

Minglewood Development has the capabilities to manage your project from concept through completion including required permitting, land use approvals, interior and exterior designs, and full construction, as well as your landscape and hardscape finishes if desired. We also have the flexibility to work with your designer and realize the vision you have already developed. At Minglewood, we are committed to providing beautiful, functional designs and employing only top quality construction practices to ensure you are thrilled with the results.

 Condition and Cost Assessments

Sometimes the question is, "Does it make sense for us to renovate or should we just tear down and start over?" Minglewood can provide budgets and cost estimates based on your goals, as well as make recommendations for alternative approaches you may not have considered. Our flexible, practical approach and breadth of experience with period homes ensures that you will make an informed decision from a range of well-considered options. We would be happy to discuss your project without any obligation — feel free to call us when you want to explore the possibilities.

 Permitting and Land Use Challenges

Navigating the process of land use entitlements, zoning, and permitting can be a daunting task for many property owners. Even the most experienced land use professionals can face frustrating roadblocks when attempting to build, rebuild or develop properties in certain cities and towns. Minglewood understands the local nuances of land use permitting and can successfully guide you through the process from initial planning applications through the final inspection phase. Call us to discuss your land use challenges — we can help.